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Hon Thom Phu Quoc cable car is the longest in the world

On February 4, 2018, representatives of Kien Giang People’s Committee, Phu Quoc island district and Sun Group officially opened a 3-wire cable car connecting An Thoi town with Hon Thom island.

As the first and most important item in the Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park marine entertainment complex that Sun Group is building in the South of the island, Hon Thom cable car has a total length of more than 7,899 m, connecting from the city. An Thoi town through the islands of Hon Roi and Hon Dua to Hon Thom, giving Phu Quoc tourism a new, large and unique product. With this length, Hon Thom cable car was certified by Guinness as the longest cable car in the world right on the opening day.

The cable car system has two terminals, 6 cable pylons, of which the largest T4 is 174 m high. With a design of 69 cabins, each cabin can accommodate 30 guests, operating at a maximum speed of 8.5 m / s. Wi-Fi is available in all cabins, and the electric lighting system at night.

Hon Thom cable car operates smoothly, without shaking, without the need for a conventional rescue system. In case of bad weather, the system will automatically stop working and issue notices to passengers.

Cable car moving forward Hon Thom island

An Thoi cable station is very beautiful, spacious and clean. I hardly see a piece of rubbish on the floor or anywhere, especially there are no drawings or writing of the tourists who leave here as other places. The staff at the drawing booth or the cable car cabin are all very cute. The toilet here is beautiful, you can take a selfie photo here without people knowing it is a toilet that will think this is a very luxurious place.

Outside An Thoi cable station

From the cable car, visitors can have 360-degree views of the beauty of paradise of the sea, islands, green forests and beaches in An Thoi archipelago, South Phu Quoc. The travel time for the cable car from An Thoi to Hon Thom is about 20 minutes. Stepping down the cable car, visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of Hon Thom with fine white sand beaches, clear turquoise water by pristine jungle and spectacularly arranged rocky beaches. The beach in Hon Thom is the place to watch the beautiful sunset in Phu Quoc. Many new services and games on the sea have been put into operation at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park in the early stages such as parachuting, banana floats, snorkelling, coral reefs, walking on the sea floor, kayaks … promising to bring an unforgettable vacation.

In the coming time, there will be more new items in the Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park marine entertainment complex that will be put into operation as a sea village with hundreds of years old lush orchards for visitors, picking fruit.

What is the cable car time table?

The cable car operates continuously from 8:30 to 12:00. And the afternoon from 13:30 to 19:00.

Is there any restaurant in Hon Thom?

Yes, You can enjoy buffet for only VND 250,000. Buffet menu with many dishes for you to choose.

How to transport from Duong Dong to An Thoi cable station?

By buses of Hon Thom cable car

When opened, Hon Thom cable car has free shuttle bus from Duong Dong to An Thoi cable station. However, this bus route has now stopped working.

By motorbike

With a daily rent of about VND 150,000, motorbike is a flexible vehicle to help you explore the most remote areas of Phu Quoc. Riding a motorbike to An Thoi cable station is an interesting experience. However, not all tourists are able to drive a motorbike safely. Some roads are quite bad, and the reckless driving of some locals can endanger other road users.

By taxi

With a distance of about 30km, you will have to spend from VND 800,000 to VND 1,000,000 for traveling by taxi from Duong Dong to An Thoi cable station and back. Compared to the cable car fare of only VND 150,000, this is a number worth considering.

By bus no. 11 – busphuquoc.com

This is the vehicle that has been in service since June 2019. Ticket price from Duong Dong to An Thoi cable station is only VND 50,000. Bus no. 11 operates continuously throughout the day, each 20 minutes apart. This is a cheap, convenient and safe vehicle.

Tourists on bus no. 11 to Hon Thom Cable Car

How much is ticket for Hon Thom Phu Quoc Cable Car?

Where to buy tickets for Hon Thom Phu Quoc Cable Car?

There are quite a lot of cable car ticket agents, you can easily find on Tran Hung Dao street. You can also buy tickets when you go to the Cable Car Station. Bus no. 11 also sells tickets, you can save a lot of time and travel when buying tickets on the bus.

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