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How to get to Phu Quoc cable car station?

Phu Quoc cable car, the longest in the world

Once in Phu Quoc, you should not miss the cable car. It’s the longest in the world. Admiring the sea with thousands of small ships from above is an unforgettable impression. Choosing the right vehicle to get to the cable car station will also make you have a more complete experience.


A taxi outside Phu Quoc cable station

You can read more about taxi companies in Phu Quoc here.

This vehicle is always available, stable quality, safe and convenient. However, the price is what makes visitors note. A ride from Duong Dong to the cable car station will cost about VND 400,000, the same for the way back. It will cost about VND 800,000 in total.

When taking a taxi, you should ask the receptionist to call the car or ask the exact phone number of the taxi company to book. You should also consult the amount to pay before departure, can ask the receptionist or google it. If you find that the actual amount you are paying is too high, call the taxi operator immediately to request a check.

However, one difficulty that many foreign tourists encounter when taking a taxi in Phu Quoc is that both the driver and operator are unable to communicate in English. Therefore, it is often difficult for tourists to complain about the quality of the service, the price, as well as the car booking for the way back.

Self-driving cars or hired drivers

Cars for rent in Phu Quoc with diverse types and prices

For domestic travelers who come to Phu Quoc with a family, this is a good option to consider.

Most of the cars for rent in Phu Quoc are guaranteed, and the driver (if be hired) is mostly fun, friendly, knowledgeable tourist destinations.

However, the service price will be very high if the guests are only 1 or 2 people. Moreover, if you have rented a car, there should be a specific schedule to take full advantage of the value that this service brings. If you just rent a car to go to the cable car and back to the hotel, it’s not save.

A note for foreign tourists who want to rent a self-driving car is that two types of licenses are required to drive in Vietnam: the license of the tourists’ country and the international license under the Vienna Convention.

In addition, if you rent a self-driving car, you also need to consider the condition of the car before renting and taking pictures if possible, avoiding unnecessary conflicts when handing over the car.

Total cost for this vehicle is about VND 1,500,000 a day.


Motobike parking at Phu Quoc cable station

When the rainy season ends, riding a motobike in Phu Quoc at this time of the year is an enjoyable experience. You have the opportunity to see people, everyday life here at the smallest distance. You can explore the wild seas or forests. With a motobike, you can sneak into places that have not yet appeared on the map or stop at any beautiful scenery just passed by. You can let the sun shine on your skin and the sea breeze will blow in your face and your hair.

Renting this vehicle is also very cheap, only about 150,000 VND a day. However, the number of gas stations in Phu Quoc is not many. So you need to ask immediately when renting a car and immediately fill up the bottle.

At the cable car station, there is a free parking lot, so you can rest assured. Note when renting a self-driving motobike, firstly, you must completely trust on your driving skills. Phu Quoc is still in the construction period so not all roads are easy to go. Some roads are especially very dusty and ugly. Fortunately, when traveling from Duong Dong to the cable car station, you do not encounter this. And the second note, more importantly, when riding a motorbike, you must always pay attention for your safety because many trucks and motobikes here run very recklessly and often cause accidents.

Buy tours of travel agents

On canoe to islets

You will be picked up at the hotel. Then travel by car of the travel agency to the cable car station. Tourists will have time to visit Hon Thom, then continue to canoe to visit the islets of An Thoi archipelago. Guests will have lunch at one of the restaurants on the island (optional). At the end of the day, the canoe will take you to the port, from which the car will take you to visit some more points in the South Island before returning to the hotel.

The advantage of this tour is that visitors will be able to visit many beautiful islets in Phu Quoc such as Hon Mong Tay, Hon May Rut Trong, Hon May Rut Ngoai, Hon Gam Ghi …, (depending on each company, there will be routes submission process). However, according to many visitors, just going to Hon Thom is enough to feel all the beauty of the islands of the An Thoi archipelago.

Using more services means higher costs. And finally, the price of dining at restaurants on the island is quite high, leading to the total cost of the trip is huge.

If you are seasick, or travel with your babies, this tour is not suitable.


Tourists take the bus at Phu Quoc cable station to go back to hotels

When the cable car just opened, Sungroup provided free buses for the first time. However, this program has ended now.

However, the 11 bus line operating from June 2019 is also an option worth considering. At VND 40,000 / trip (starting from December 25, 2019), the total cost for traveling to An Thoi cable car is only VND 80,000. 10% compared to taxis.

With a new, clean, modern vehicle system and dedicated staff, you can be assured of the quality of service. From Duong Dong, the buses departs continuously every 20 minutes so the waiting time for the car is equivalent to hailing a taxi. In the bus, you can effortlessly admire the life of Phu Quoc people without having to worry about the roads. Moreover, the view from the bus is much higher and more open than taxis, helping you to feel the scenery and people closer. From An Thoi cable car station take the bus back to the hotel, you can also feel secure. Depart every 20 minutes, the bus always stops at cable station 5 minutes to pick up guests.

Do not hesitate, thumps-up when seeing the bus! We will immediately pick you up.

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